Think about the process of using a cookie cutter. Every one looks like the next one, and the one before, too. Now, take that thinking and apply it to die cut gaskets, only use the most precise process to the most exacting standards and tolerances. Then you have the beginning of what makes Cannon Gasket die cut gaskets some of the best and most sought after in the world.

Gaskets are formulated to be used in a wide variety of applications, from routine machinery to aerospace products where “exact” is the order of the day for every produced piece.

Cannon Gasket creates gaskets for a wide variety of industries, including agriculture and irrigation, controls and valves, lighting, automotive, medical, commercial, pumps, electronics, aerospace, plumbing, pools and spas, electrical, bearings, and OEM.

The professionals of Cannon Gasket can create an entirely new gasket for a special need, or can replicate any existing gasket. Cannon Gasket is known for the variety of processes used to manufacture gaskets, depending on need, use, and budget. From rotary die cutting to flatbed die cutting to stamping, Cannon Gasket has a manufacturing process which meets the needs of every customer.

In its most basic form, die cutting can be defined as a process whereby shapes are cut from sheets of plastic by using a shaped knife and pressing the edge into one (or a number of) layers or sheeting. The dies that are used in this process are most often referred to as steel rule dies. After the cutting is complete, pressure is applied by the use of hydraulic or mechanical presses. Die cutting sometimes goes by the name dinking or blanking.

In a simple form, that’s how it’s done. But, the difference between gaskets produced by the seasoned professionals of Cannon Gaskets and the competition is the deep experience and wisdom in the industry found at Cannon Gaskets. There is no substitute for broad and tested institutional knowledge which comes from years of experience by the best in the industry.

Cookie cutters are great when you’re discussing the difference between chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. When you need something more precise, Cannon Gasket has all of the right answers and the best products.