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EMI/RFI Materials

EMI/RFI Shielding conductive silicone elastomers are designed to meet the requirements outlined for the MIL-DTL-83528C specification. Our conductive materials are used to produce shielding gaskets for Military, Aerospace, electronics, and communications applications. Our range of conductive silicones has expanded to include materials that are designed to balance requirements for electrical conductivity and cost performance for the commercial sector. We supply our conductive products as an uncured moldable compounds, compression molded sheetstock, and, in some cases, as a continuous roll. These options allow customers to convert our silicones into their own finished product using the most efficient method for them. Please contact us for your EMI shielding needs anytime.



Custom EMI/RFI silicone/fluorosilicone Gaskets

  • Designed around or built to Mil-DTL-83528 Specs              (Full line of Sheetstock options)
  • Nickel Graphite Filled
  • Silver aluminum Filled
  • Silver copper Filled
  • Silver glass Filled

Need to offset a comparable material, discontinued, current product? (EMI Materials guide)

Many times particle filled elastomers can cause hardships within the design or application based on the both high costs of silver and unique physical properties and limitations. Please see some of the newest product developed in order to solve problems including: Hardness, Molded sheet size constraints, Tear Strength or Brittleness, Price volatility of silver  etc…

(Common Problem solving guide)

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