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Cannon Gasket stocks and supplies a variety of O rings in various colors and Durometers. From standard AS568 sizes to Custom requirements, Cannon Gasket has the capability to meet your most demanding tolerances and specifications. Our O rings are manufactured from all types of elastomeric materials such as:


Download our AS568 O ring Chart to view available standard sizes.

Viton O-Rings – Fluorocarbon exhibits the highest level of resistance to chemicals and offers the broadest range of chemical resistance versus any other elasomteric material. Fluorocarbon exhibits a superior temperature range, is highly resistant to swelling when exposed to gasoline and is resistant to deterioration due to exposure to UV and ozone

Nitrile/ Buna-N- Nitrile O-Rings – is the most widely used elastomer in the seal industry. The popularity of nitrile is due to its excellent resistance to petroleum products or where gasoline, oil and greases are present. Nitrile also provides excellent compression set, tear and abrasion resistance.

EPDM O-Rings – A popular Elastomer for outdoor Applications where weather and water resistance is required. EPDM offers a Superior resistance to Ozone, UV and sunlight. It also has a good resistance to steam and brake fluid. EPDM compounds are typically developed with a sulfur or peroxide cure system. Peroxide-cured compounds are suitable for higher temperature exposure and typically have improved compression set performance.

Fluorosilicone O-Rings – Is used as a substitute for Silicone when superior chemical resistance is required. Excellent resistance to moderate or oxidizing chemicals, OZONE, Aromatic chlorinated solvents and bases.

Silicone O-Rings – Silicone rubber is used in variety of industries but mainly where extreme temperature resistance is required. Silicone has an outstanding temperature range of: on average -50 to +500 degree F. Silicone is also used in the food and beverage industry as well as Medical devices, with many FDA approved and Medical grade compounds available.

Neoprene O-Rings – Neoprene rubber has a wide range of beneficial properties including a moderate resistance to Ozone, UV, weather, water , oils, greases and solvents. Because of these properties, Neoprene is a popular choice for variety of applications.

CLEAN ROOM: Cannon Gasket offers clean environment stamping to service Medical, FDA, Electronic and scientific applications where a controlled level of particulate is required. Cannon Gasket has the capabilities meet class 10,000


PAD PRINTING: Individual parts can be labeled for identification purposes. We have the Ability to Pad Print your Part Number, Identification Marking or Company name on each gasket. Various colors of ink available. Marking per customer specifications or MIL-STD-130

PACKAGING: Parts can be bagged and tagged into specific Quantities and labeled with P/N or any required information. Capability to meet any specific packaging or labeling requirements.

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