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Lathe Cut Washers and Gaskets

Lathe cut washers are often chosen as an alternative to O rings because of their square wall and superior sealing capabilities. Unlike die-cutting calendared rubber, lathe cutting gives you the ability to cut parts that otherwise would be too thick to die-cut or parts requiring non standard thickness that would not be achievable from calendared rubber.

Lathe cut washers are manufactured from extruded tube, mandrel built or molded rubber tube. Materials that can be lathe cut are as follows:


Individual parts can be labeled for identification purposes. We have the Ability to Pad Print your Part Number, Identification Marking or Company name on each gasket. Various colors of ink available. Marking per customer specifications or MIL-STD-130


Parts can be bagged and tagged into specific Quantities and labeled with P/N or any required information. Capability to meet any specific packaging or labeling requirements.


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