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Polyisoprene Cut Washers

POLYSIOPRENE (Natural Rubber): Polyisoprene is a synthetic form of Natural rubber that is compounded to be similar in structure and properties. Polyisoprene is noted for outstanding resilience, abrasion resistance and excellent elasticity. Polyisoprene offers more consistency, lower impurities, improved manufacturability and cost to that of Natural rubber. It used in a variety of industries including but not limited to: automotive ,sporting goods, adhesives and healthcare. Polyisoprene also offers an attraction to the healthcare market because it is Latex free.

  • Ability to hold +-.001 on critical dimensions.
  • Short and Long Run Capabilities
  • All washers available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on 1 Side or 2 Sides

CLEAN ROOM: Cannon Gasket offers clean environment stamping to service Medical, FDA, Electronic and scientific applications where a controlled level of particulate is required. Cannon Gasket has the capabilities meet class 10,000

STOCKING AGREEMENTS: BLANKET ORDERS, VMI (Vendor Manager Inventory), JIT (Just In time), KAN BAN.

PAD PRINTING: Individual parts can be labeled for identification purposes. We have the Ability to Pad Print your Part Number, Identification Marking or Company name on each gasket. Various colors of ink available. Marking per customer specifications or MIL-STD-130

PACKAGING: Parts can be bagged and tagged into specific Quantities and labeled with P/N or any required information. Capability to meet any specific packaging or labeling requirements.

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