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Rubber Washers

Precision die-cut; Rubber Washers and gaskets, When it comes to making sure the job is done right, you need to make sure that you have the right materials. This is where rubber washers come into play. Unlike the classic metal washer that is used to stabilize and make-flush the area where the screw meets a surface, a rubber washer is able to better accommodate difficult spaces and provide an added sealing benefit, allowing you to successfully weather-proof your project. About Rubber Washers All rubber washers are precision die-cut and are manufactured from elastomeric materials. The exact material that is best for your project needs depends entirely on the type of project, the temperatures the washer will be exposed to and the longevity expected from the device.

We offer rubber washers in the following materials:

rubber-washers * Ability to hold +-.001 on critical dimensions. * Short and Long Run Capabilities * All washers available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on 1 Side or 2 Sides
Additional Options In addition to our rubber washers, we also offer a series of sponge and foam washers which provide the same level of stability and precision in your project completion, but with the added benefit of being able to seal more efficiently to the surrounding metals and other materials for a more durable and long-term solution. All washers are customized with pressure sensitive adhesive on one or both sides through our in-house lamination process.

Rubber washers are available in the following sponge / foam materials:

MATERIAL BLENDS AVAILABLE AS WELL * Open and Closed Cell Sponge * Soft, Medium and Firm Densities * Material With Pressure Sensitive Adhesives on 1 or 2 sides Ability to hold +-.001 on critical dimensions. Capability to meet your most stringent dimensional requirements. In addition to these single-materials rubber washers, a series of material blends are also available. These dual blends can be utilized in more conditions and bring together the benefits of other rubber materials to deliver maximum value, allowing for long-term and short-term capabilities, precision high speed stamping and kiss cutting, and can be used with an extensive array of machinery and tooling. Our material blend rubber washers are available in open and closed cell sponges and in all densities, including soft, medium and firm, with pressure sensitive adhesives on either one or both sides.
  • Short and Long Run Capabilities (No job is too large or too small)
  • Precision high speed stamping and Kiss Cutting
  • Extensive tooling inventory and in-house die department for Rapid Turn Around
  • Prototyping services and capabilities to assist with R&D and modifications
Rubber washers can make any project go more smoothly and efficient. The rubber washers can be custom designed and will easily fit with any job and machinery. The rubber washers allow for a clean printing and easy stamping, and can be ordered in various colors. For more information about rubber washers, contact us. ALL WASHERS AVAILABLE WITH PRESSURE SENSITIVE ADHESIVE ON ONE OR 2 SIDES (IN HOUSE LAMINATION) CLEAN ROOM: Cannon Gasket offers clean environment stamping to service Medical, FDA, Electronic and scientific applications where a controlled level of particulate is required. Cannon Gasket has the capabilities meet class 10,000 STOCKING AGREEMENTS: BLANKET ORDERS, VMI (Vendor Manager Inventory), JIT (Just In time), KAN BAN. PAD PRINTING: Individual parts can be labeled for identification purposes. We have the Ability to Pad Print your Part Number, Identification Marking or Company name on each gasket. Various colors of ink available. Marking per customer specifications or MIL-STD-130 PACKAGING: Parts can be bagged and tagged into specific Quantities and labeled with P/N or any required information. Capability to meet any specific packaging or labeling requirements.
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