How important are gaskets and other small connector pieces?

One way to think about this is to illustrate it by describing how you use your outdoor garden hose.

A garden or lawn hose is uniquely valuable for all kinds of uses – delivering water to plants, washing an exterior, and filling up a child’s plastic swimming pool, to name a few.

But to work well, many of these hoses need a small internal gasket where the metal fitting is. Otherwise you can see big problems develop. The kinds you can’t fix with duct tape!

If you’ve ever hooked up a lawn or garden hose and had water shooting out of the coupling with the faucet or pump, you’re not alone. Any existing problems with gaskets and connectivity will lead to this kind of irritating and possibly damaging escape of water where it’s not supposed to be. Sometimes it’s a trickle and sometimes it’s a flood.

Size and Other Gasket Factors

Add a simple gasket to the inside of your hose coupling, and you’re usually good.

What makes one of these gaskets work properly?

First, there is the size. Gaskets have to be sized specifically to cover the areas of aperture that could otherwise leak.

In addition, the seating of the gasket is critically important. A gasket that is poorly seated might not deliver the same quality of protection.

Third, the material that the gasket is made of makes a difference. Using high quality modern materials like neoprene and silicon is a best practice in this industry.

Also, as a plumber will tell you, water is fickle. Sometimes the slightest difference makes a leak stop, or start. It’s maddening – but good connectors can help a lot!

Cannon Gasket offers a range of gaskets, o-rings and connectors for different residential and commercial applications. A few of the major industries using these products include:

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