At Cannon Gasket, we specialize in a wide variety of gaskets, O-rings, sealers and connective items for specific and sophisticated systems.

Let’s look at three of the areas that we serve with our products, for an idea of how important these admittedly small components really are.

Gaskets in the Automotive Industry

This one doesn’t typically need a lot of explanation, because people who understand the work of the internal combustion engine know that gaskets are critically important in automotive design.

One simple way to think about it is that the engine system is under pressure because of the internal combustion (or, because of the way that the internal combustion engine works!). Then you have hot coolant run through the cooling system. Then there’s the oil that lubricates the engine. All of these systems need to be game-tight.

Another practical way to think about this is that most people know that if the oil filter is not sealed correctly, all of the oil spills out and the engine is basically fried.

That speaks to some of the need for critical design in gasket connections for the automotive industry. Mechanics know this as a matter of course, and so they gravitate toward the best products that will save them unnecessary work in the future.

Gaskets in Irrigation

In the irrigation business, water has to get to a particular destination.

Again, it’s not hard to imagine some inferior gasket system failing and leaking water onto an area that wasn’t intended to be irrigated. Or you can think about how this applies to pool and spa equipment, where water that is diverted and doesn’t get where it needs to go creates massive problems.

Gaskets in Plumbing

This is another one that is pretty intuitive to people. Gaskets in plumbing are so critically important that you can often say a two-dollar solution solves a $100 problem. Just take toilets, or sinks.

Anywhere that running water moves, it needs to be thoroughly contained and handled until it gets to its destination. As any plumber knows, 99% is not good enough. As any experienced property owner knows, plumbing leaks can be infuriatingly and frustratingly minute and detailed. A leak can start and stop without any actual change in piping or systems. At least not any that’s evident or done by a human being. That’s how sensitive water-handling pipe systems can be, and often are.

Think about the above when ordering custom gasket parts for your business. Go with Cannon Gasket for a qualified business partnership that works.