In previous blog posts, we talked a little bit about how small things do big jobs. That’s a reality in our part of the industry – where custom parts and components help to create the right fit for the right job.


This is abundantly true in many of the projects that our clients and customers take on. It’s not just a case of getting some generic part – without a true fit, small problems become enormous liabilities that can compromise or damage major equipment. Or to say it another way, getting the right parts protects your big investment in your assets. 


To that end, let’s talk about the quality processes that we employ to set our customers up for success.


Bagging and Labeling


There are two components that we talk a lot about when we talk about the organizational side of providing gaskets, washers and other related gear. Both of these are fundamentally important, and both of them are things that we pay quite a lot of attention to. 


One is precision packaging. We need to know our inventory intimately, to be able to deploy the right products to their destination. We can’t just have things in “rough buckets” or slipped quickly into a random package. 


Along with that, the customer needs to see that that is the case. They can’t just guess or trust us that we have the right product in the right bag. They need to be able to read clear labeling that shows the sizing and material and identity of the part in question.


QA and NIST Standards


In addition to the above, we employ the following quality assurance processes and NIST certification aspects:


  • PPAP –Production Part Approval Process
  • SPC-Statistical Process Control
  • First Articles per AS9102
  • FMEA- Failure Mode And Effects Analysis


We also use procedures like lathe cutting and rotary die cutting to produce precision parts in the right way.


EMI/RFI Shielding


Our shielded products help with industries like defense and aeronautics where precision design is important. Again, we are transparent about these processes as we go.


To understand the importance of precision and organization in this field, just consider your average gasket project. You’re dealing with a piece of pipe or a specialized die cut machinery component that has its own specific build – so matching that is abundantly important. And then also, as mentioned, you need to know certain things and have that information in front of you at all times. Buyers understand the value of this process and providing specialized results. Let us be your partner for excellent supply chain successes.