Today, you can find rubber washers in several thicknesses. Thicker rubber washers can be used for all types of applications in many different environments. Thanks to the simple design of these washers, it means they will work as expected for a long time.

Plastic washers are commonly used to help reduce friction in a machine, to help prolong its lifespan, and to optimize its performance. If you have an application that requires a tight seal, then a thicker rubber washer is a great choice. This is especially true if the part or machine is exposed to water, high temperatures, or constant humidity.

Reasons to Choose Rubber Washers

The modern rubber sealing washers available are extremely durable. They are also resistant to the effects of condensation.

Because of this, rubber washers are the best option for many applications. If you used metal instead, it would falter. Also, plastic is non-abrasive. Another benefit of rubber washers is flexibility. This ensures an extremely tight fit and seal. Also, since it is water-resistance, it’s the perfect part to help prevent leaks.

Rubber washers also offer insulating properties. For example, a high-temperature silicone washer can be used in areas with electricity or extreme temperatures without any issue.

Common Uses for Rubber Washers

Thicker rubber washers can be used for many applications. They can be used as wear pads, locking devices, springs, and spacers. They will also absorb shock and vibrations, insulate electric motors, and seal fluid. All these applications make them versatile parts.

Using rubber washers is considered standard when you are dealing with an application that requires more flexibility, like household appliances, automotive parts, and machines. Today, most industries are using rubber washers in some capacity, including plumbing, construction, aerospace, automotive, electrical, and many others.

Buying in Bulk

If your industry requires rubber washers for many purposes, it is suggested you find a vendor that allows you to purchase them in bulk. This will help ensure that you get what you need at an affordable price. Also, companies that allow bulk orders will usually use professional cutting methods to ensure your rubber washers fit your precise specifications for size and thickness.

The Fit Matters

Not all rubber washers are created the same. You have to get the right fit to ensure that it can do its intended job. If you aren’t sure what size or type of rubber washer you need for your application, reach out to the pros. This will help ensure you get the component that suits your needs, regardless of what you are working on or what type of machine you need the washer for.

Rubber Washers for Your Project

If you utilize rubber washers in any capacity, it’s a good idea to know why these are superior to other materials. The information above explains why they are so beneficial in many industries. Keep this in mind and order the rubber washers that suit your needs to enjoy all the benefits they offer for your project.