When starting a new business, you need to calculate all of your expenses. By doing this, you can avoid financial disasters while trying to get your new venture off of the ground. One of the main things new business owners forget to consider when trying to budget for the future is the ongoing cost of maintaining and repairing equipment. If you run a business that relies on machines to manufacture products, then you know how important routine maintenance is. 

Machines that use hydraulic fluid, oil or gas typically have numerous seals and gaskets in place. Inspecting the various rubber seals that a piece of machinery has can help you identify leakage issues early on. If the seals you are inspecting look a bit damaged and worn, then you need to use the tips below to bring them back to life. 

Start By Prepping The Rubber Seal

Once you remove the rubber seal that is damaged from your piece of equipment, your main goal should be restoring it to like-new condition. The first step in this restoration process is prepping the surface of the seal. This can be done by using common rubber solvent solutions that are available at most hardware stores. The longer a rubber seal is in service, the higher the risk becomes of parts of it breaking down. 

Older seals usually have a thin layer of paraffin wax on them that has escaped over time. If there is any wax, dirt or grime on these rubber seals, they will not work properly. With the help of a high-quality rubber solvent, you can give your seals the cleaning they need to work properly again. 

Remove Damaged Parts of The Seal

As you start to inspect the rubber seals in your equipment, you might start to notice small imperfections. Older seals may contain frayed ends or rubber shavings that can be removed. If these elements are not removed, the seal in question might start to leak. Ideally, you want to remove the damaged parts of your seal to keep it in service a bit longer. 

You can do this with the help of sandpaper and the right solvents. If you are not comfortable doing this work on your own, then hiring a heavy machinery mechanic to assist is important. 

Replacing Your Damaged Seal Might Be Necessary

While there are a number of things you can do to restore worn rubber seals, there will come a time when replacing them is the best course of action. If a particular seal keeps failing and leaking on a consistent basis, you have to fix it before your machine gets damaged. Making sure your new rubber seal or gasket is installed properly is crucial. Application mistakes can lead to long-term functionality issues. Hiring professionals to perform this complicated work can help you avoid leaks and problems in the future. 

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