Allowing industrial machines to run to the point of failure costs up to 10 times more than investing in routine maintenance. Rather than throwing money out of the window due to lax maintenance standards, you need to take charge. Keeping industrial machines functional will require both routine inspections and preventative maintenance procedures.

Keeping the fluids that power and cool your machines in place is only possible with seals and O-rings. The longer the same O-rings reside in your machinery, the harder it will be to keep them functional. Detecting failing O-rings is easy if you put the information below into practice.

Problems with Nibbling and Extrusion

The types of O-ring issues you have to deal with depends heavily on where they are located. For instance, O-rings that are located on pistons and hydraulic rods will commonly fail due to nibbling and extrusion. If you have to replace these O-rings frequently, the hydraulic pressure in your industrial machine may be too high.

When inspecting these O-rings, you need to pay attention to any perforations or ridges on the top or side of the O-ring. This type of O-ring failure can also persist if the material being used to construct the O-ring is too soft. Getting a thicker rubber that has little give will help you reduce problems with nibbling and extrusion.

Compression Set is a Very Common O-Ring Issue

An O-ring can only do its job if it creates and maintains a seal line. If this line is breached due to cracks or bends in the O-ring, it can result in massive fluid leaks. When the O-ring loses its O shape and is flattened due to wear, it is unable to maintain a proper seal on your industrial machine.

This is why replacing O-rings that appear to be bent or damaged in a hurry is so important. Allowing these damaged O-ring in place can cause significant damage to your heavy machinery. While inspecting and replacing O-rings will take time and effort, it is worth it considering the damage it can help you avoid.

Getting Familiar With the Causes of O-Ring Failure

If you familiarize yourself with the causes of O-ring failures, you can avoid making mistakes that could cost you dearly in the future. Generally, O-rings that are either too small or big for the area they are being put causes lots of problems. IF the O-ring is improperly lubricated, it can also result in damage.

Inexperienced business owners or maintenance technicians have a hard time choosing the right O-rings for their machines. This is why consulting with professionals, like Cannon Gasket Inc., is so important. With this type of professional guidance, you can get the high-quality O-rings you need to seal the hydraulic systems used to power heavy machinery.

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