Getting the Best Rubber Gaskets

When you need high quality rubber gaskets, Cannon Gasket can provide the kinds of products that will support your supply chain and help with discrete manufacturing and quality builds.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent products that suit their uses in the field, and fit the client’s needs in every way. We are a high-quality provider of custom parts and pieces that help to handle the tough jobs that our manufacturers do to offer superior crafted products to markets.

Excellent Rubber Gasket Materials

Cannon Gasket offers some of the most popular types of materials for gasket projects.

We manufacture neoprene gaskets for good resistance to sunlight and oils and various kinds of wear, as well as chemical resistance to substances like ammonia and refrigerants. We offer silicone gaskets that stand up to hot temperatures. We make polyurethane products that resist corrosion, and natural rubber products for traditional builds, along with other innovative materials like EPDM, SBR, flourosilicone and polyisoprene. All of these state of the art materials help us to give our clients products that will last in their intended roles.

Elasticity and More

Because we understand that texture and fit are important, we pay particular attention to what the customer needs, and design products accordingly.

Rubber gaskets need to be flexible in all the right ways to fit on structural components and do their jobs effectively. That’s why Cannon Gaskets evaluates the design as well as the material to make sure that holes and apertures are properly sized and placed, that rings are precise diameters, and that everything that gets shipped is going to fit smoothly into the client’s manufacturing project. We understand that a big part of custom manufacturing is precision, and that just a little bit of error can make a big difference in the final result. That’s one of the best arguments for quality control, and it’s one we live by.

A Track Record of Service

Cannon Gaskets also has a lot of experience shipping made in the USA products to customers around the country. Domestic manufacturing is a big part of innovating in today’s product development world, and we’re proud and pleased to help companies to find these kinds of solutions.

Ask Cannon Gasket about a plan to source a custom run of rubber gaskets for an industrial project. Learn more about what we can offer with precision die-cut products that assist with research and development prototyping, custom orders or large volumes to meet manufacturing demand.