At Cannon Gasket, we create customized plastic and rubber gaskets, PTFE washers, neoprene rubber washer fittings, other similar products to maintain quality in industrial processes, to outfit precision machines, and to help our customers to get tremendous value out of small custom parts processes. Our EPDM rubber washers and silicone washers are also especially valuable to some clients.

Why is this important?

A gasket is a small thing, and it is easy to ship, but boy, is it useful. For anyone who has ever worked on an engine, a valve cover gasket, for example, can prevent all sorts of very extreme engine damage and save a driver thousands of dollars.

It’s reminiscent of that old saying that can be traced back to 13th century Germany:

“Diz ſagent uns die wîſen, ein nagel behalt ein îſen, ein îſen ein ros, ein ros ein man, ein man ein burc, der ſtrîten kan”

Ok, let’s switch to English. Here’s how you might have heard it when you were young:

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.”

Then it keeps going.

For want of a shoe, the horse was lost.”

When you can’t get the right gasket, or your gasket starts to degrade over time, it lets in the dirt, and oil and contaminants. The simple, small part, for example, FDA medical grade rubber washers, plays a huge role in protecting large systems like HVAC or M2M machinery.

“For want of a horse, the rider was lost.”

That oil and those contaminants start breaking down interior systems, which can be much more expensive to replace than the gasket itself…

“For want of a rider, the battle was lost.”

Here’s where you start talking about project challenges that you’re facing because of secondary problems. The silicone or urethane rubber gasket didn’t seal out the contaminants or the liquid or moisture, so you’re left battling huge problems and repurchasing enormous assets like a vehicle or large piece of equipment. Here there’s a guy with grease up to his elbows exclaiming and asking why the whole thing went bad and why it’s not fixable. Maybe it’s as simple as a gasket problem!

That’s the idea behind partnering with a top provider of custom gaskets and diaphragms and other materials to make sure that your business processes and business assets are in fine shape. We have diaphragms, O-rings, washers, neoprene, and Fluorosilicone gaskets, and other types of items that are machined and fabricated to specific conditions, and made with precision impact in mind. Take a look at our whole catalog and get what you need on hand so that when trouble strikes, you won’t “want” anything.