Why are these little strips of polymer or other materials so important?

Often it’s because they help to provide integrity for larger and more complex systems. That happens in ways that support big investments for industry. In our prior post “for want of a nail” we used that traditional poem to show how important the “little things” are for protecting big things, and why any business buyer, executive or person with operational responsibility should know about this type of business process evaluation.

For example, think about any kind of tank or container with apertures for connect hoses, taps or other features.

What’s the most vulnerable part of this durable monolith? That’s right – it’s the place where liquid or solid material goes in and out.

Whether it’s the bung of a barrel, the oil-handling apparatus of some engine component, or some type of feeder for a chemical vat system, these small pieces of industrial systems are ultimately very important. That may not be evident to a beginner – but people who have worked in these kinds of fields often learn this lesson first-hand.

Repair Work

Suppose you looked at a maintenance job, and an outside vendor told you that you had to do a “total level III set” costing in the neighborhood of $1800 or $2000. You ask for an itemized bill: no, they say, you just need to replace the whole thing, and that’s the price tag.

Then you looked at the component in question, and what you had was a slow leak from a hose fitting or a plastic piece attached to the metal side of the tank…

Realistically, if you have anyone in-house with any level of skill, you’re going to pay a minimal amount for a gasket or washer, and maybe an hour of labor, and everything will be back to normal.

In a nutshell, that’s the value of gaskets, washers and other small pieces that fasten onto larger systems. They provide that integrity without having to scrap everything and go back to the drawing board, which is obviously an expensive way to approach maintenance and repair.

Our Products

At Cannon Gasket, we have the best gaskets, o-rings and washers made of quality materials like neoprene, silicone and polyurethane. We have thick lathe cut washers. We have the solutions that can help you to avoid big problems in operational maintenance, and the dedication to helping our clients to save, and to succeed. That’s a plus for any kind of business, and  a solid long-term maintenance strategy.