Companies that want a solid manufacturing partner can talk to Cannon Gasket about getting precision die-cut plastic gaskets and other sorts of gaskets, washers, and components that fit neatly into a prototype for a finished product. We help our clients with custom production runs as well as large orders for industrial ramp-up. Let us help streamline your manufacturing project with excellent design and fit.

A Range of Materials

At Cannon Gasket, we work with a wide spectrum of materials of different textures and structural designs to make sure that the result matches the client’s needs. We develop products made from plastics such as polyethylene and thermoplastics, polycarbonate and polypropylene, fiber plastic, Mylar and more. Our clients in tough fields like automotive and aerospace, medical manufacturing, or ruggedized industrial work appreciate our eye toward durability and structural integrity.

Heat Resistance and Safety

We also keep an eye toward safety and the integrity of product development with the components that we ship to customers. For instance, although asbestos has high heat resistance, because of the dangers of working with this natural mineral, it has been phased out of modern products. The challenge is to create gaskets and components from new products that are safe to use, but also have the heat resistance that’s required. We are committed to providing quality products on time that meet or exceed our customer expectations and comply with all requirements, including safety and heat resistance.

No Leaks

Many gasket designs are made to handle liquids under pressure. We serve many oil and gas clients and other companies that need to secure projects from dangerous and costly leaks. That means designing gaskets not only to handle volume but to handle the pressure of a job environment and the chemicals or substances that they will come in contact with. When it’s time to make the larger products and systems that our clients make perform in the field, they need to be served by connectors and fittings that function well.

Shapes and Sizes

At Cannon Gasket, our products are rigorously designed and tested to meet our clients’ needs. We offer all sorts of shapes and sizes of gaskets, in a range of materials including rubber, foam and ceramic compounds.

Call Cannon Gasket about a tough manufacturing puzzle or a need for custom gasket production. Our made in the USA products can help to improve your supply chain and the products that you ship to customers. Get help with tough prototypes, an important supply run, or a long-term plan to source quality at an affordable price.