For the sake of convenience, they are called PTFE washers. When you want to get technical about it, they are polymer, specifically polytentrafluoroethylene, or PTFE washers. And, nobody does them better than Cannon Gasket in the Southern California city of Upland.

Cannon Gasket stocks Virgin Grade PTFE sheeting and continuous rolls per AMS 3652C, in thicknesses from .002 (two thousandths) to .250 (two hundred thousandths) in a wide variety of length and widths. These high grade materials are ready to be fabricated to meet the specific dimensional requirements and specifications of customers from around the world.

The in-house tool and die capabilities of Cannon Gasket give four decades old company the ability to manufacture both standard and custom – tight tolerance – washers, complete with the capability to meet stringent deadlines and quick turnarounds.

Cannon Gasket’s expert craftsmen and technicians can slit or shear PTFE sheeting to almost any width or length, and stock material typically ships in three to five days.

The exceptional properties of PTFE make this an easy choice for many users of washers which must be precise and long lasting. PTFE is chemically inert, has exceptional temperature range and low wear resistance, excellent dielectric properties, and low friction co-efficiency. PTFE washers are available in low to high volume orders, with low minimum requirements.

As with all Cannon Gasket products, Cannon’s professional staff is happy to work with customers to create products which meet specific – if not unusual – customer needs; special orders and challenges are always welcome. Cannon Gasket’s high reputation in many industries make the company a leader in providing exact products which are used across the board in industries from automotive and irrigation, controls and valves, lighting, pumps and electronics, medical and aerospace to pools and spas and bearings. Many original equipment manufactures in a variety of industries use Cannon Gasket products in initial production because of the product dependability coupled with Cannon Gasket’s various customer stocking programs and guaranteed deliveries.

Cannon Gasket’s highly experienced sales staff and professional manufacturing staff set the high standard for all companies in the precision washer and gasket industry.