They are the unsung heroes of machinery, they are the small parts which help hold everything together, from critical situations to simple plumbing fixtures. They are washers and gaskets. The simplicity of washers and gaskets hide the complexity of what it take to create the perfect washer and gasket, especially for critical, non-failing seals which can’t be easily replaced or could lead to loss of life and property.

Cannon Gasket began life making die-cut washers, and, today, now manufactures washers and gaskets for some of the most critical uses in the world, including in aerospace and medical uses. Beyond the original products, today Cannon Gasket has built a solid reputation on expertise in the manufacturing of precision die-cutting washers, gaskets, shims, spacers, diaphragms, capliners, septas EMI/FRI shielding, and various seals.

The materials used for the manufacture of these many products range from rubber, plastic, metal, sponge rubber/foam, Thermoplastics to many sub-categories of high grade materials. Through its over four decades of service to various industries, Cannon Gasket has been ready to work with a wide range of clients in research and development of new or improved products, whether for the pool and spa industry, something that flies high above the earth, or a medical application.

Precision work is what Cannon Gaskets is highly recognized for, with the ability to hold =/- .001 (one thousandth) on critical dimensions. On the other end of the scale, the expert craftsmen at Cannon Gaskets have the capability of cutting diameters of 0.30″ to 50″, and thicknesses of .0005″ to .500″ thick.

Custom shapes and complex configurations are everyday occurrences in the Cannon Gasket shops. The company’s extensive tooling inventory and in-house die department affords customers rapid response and turn-around in all projects and special requests.

The high customer service standards, knowledgeable professional staff, along with the best equipment and materials allows Cannon Gasket to be highly competitive in medium to highvolume washers.