Remember way back in school when you learned about simple machines? One of those was a screw, right? We know that screws are used for fastening, for holding things together, and are often used in gears. However, that simple machine can be even more functional when you add a washer to it. Washers can also be used in conjunction with nuts and bolts, and not only do they keep things more secure, but washers also help distribute the load.

While you may be fairly familiar with metal washers, the up-and-coming kid on the block is the nylon washer. Nylon washers are crafted from nylon plastic material and come in a large variety of sizes and uses. The thing about nylon plastic is that there are tons of different kinds, all with a bit of a varied chemical makeup (meaning things like polyamide and polymers.) Nylon 6, one of the most common nylon plastics for washers, is very versatile with its semi-crystalline structure. Nylon has great load-bearing strength and strong wear properties, so it’s an excellent material for washers and gaskets. You should look for a thermoplastic material that is resistant to wear and abrasion and has good mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures. Nylon has low permeability to gases and good chemical resistance, which is why polyamide nylon is so perfect for washers and gaskets. You may be quite surprised at how durable and long-lasting they are.

 Nylon washers are used in a variety of capacities and are commonplace in mechanics. With the strength and versatility of polyamide plastic, nylon plastic washers are perfect to use on any bearings, screws, nuts, wheels and gears, valve seats, rollers, damping plates, pulleys, piston guides, and washers.

 You’ll see these plastic washers often used in the food industry, as Nylon 6 is FDA approved and food safe. Think plastic cooking utensils – these are often made of polyamide nylon material, therefore using washers made out of this same material is safe for any food application.

Along with their strength, nylon plastic washers are also resistant to weathering and corrosion, making them an excellent choice for any type of high abrasion or weathering application. Some common industries that use nylon washers are marine, agricultural, construction, material handling, and wastewater, along with food processing. Not only are these washers long-lasting, versatile, and efficient, but they are also reliable. All of this combined can not only sustain equipment running smoothly, but also keep workers safe due to that reliability. Nylon washers will provide you with the strength and security you’re looking for.

 Nylon washers also have a place for the home do-it-yourselfer. They’re perfect for electrical connections, plumbing projects, and any other time you need that durable security in a project. Skip the metal washers – you’ll be much happier with nylon plastic pieces.

When you’re ready to order your nylon washers, look for a reputable company that can offer great service – like us! We would love to work with you and help you with your custom nylon washers order. In addition to nylon washers, we carry any of your nylon needs, from nylon shims to plastic gaskets. Feel confident in your choice and in your purchase with Cannon Gasket!