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One of the hot new materials that companies are working with is called neoprene. Here’s some background on this excellent material and why it’s so useful for gaskets and similar products.


A DuPont Product

 Neoprene was initially invented by DuPont in 1930. The chemical giant originally called it “Duprene.” It’s not surprising that DuPont engineered this material first, since the massive company has extensive operations across the United States, and has had them since the early twentieth century.


Neoprene’s Chemical Process

 Neoprene is made by the ‘free-radical polymerization of chloroprene.’ Industrial processes use emulsion polymerization to make this material, with a compound call potassium persulfate. Clear as mud, right? You don’t have to be a scientist, though, to understand how useful this stuff is for different kinds of consumer and business products.


Neoprene Makes All Kinds of Things

 As mentioned above, neoprene is extensively useful for manufacturing. It’s made various things like laptop sleeves. They also use it to make orthopedics. Neoprene is popular for auto parts and in the transportation and defense industries in general. It’s also been used to make certain types of sports clothing.


Neoprene’s Durability

 One of the biggest benefits of neoprene is the way that it resists degradation. Where other types of materials may flake, corrode, or otherwise break down over time, neoprene stays strong, which makes it a popular material for connective gaskets.


Neoprene Can Help Fight Covid-19

 There are reports that companies are using neoprene material to make facemasks in the wake of the pandemic. Scientists point out that neoprene can trap 99% of particles under a certain size.


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