Today, stocking agreements are available, with just in time delivery options. Cannon Gasket has a national domestic presence, along with an international reputation. Forty years ago, it was all just a single press and a primary product of die-cut washers and two brothers who kept their promise to work hard and smart with high expectations.

Anyone in over a dozen different industries knows the quality reputation of Cannon Gasket of Upland, California. Purchasing agents in the aerospace, automotive, bearings, controls, electronics, irrigation, lighting, and mechanical industries have all come to rely on Cannon Gasket for products which don’t fail and pricing which is competitive. Original equipment manufacturers, along with the plumbing, pool and spa, safety products, and valve industries all incorporate Cannon Gasket offerings into their finished products.

Cannon Gasket has grown beyond those first-offered die-cut washers to now having a full array of diecutting service, precision die-cut PTFE washers, a full line of rubber washers and gaskets including custom manufacturing requests, PTFE cap liners and silicone septas fabrication and PTFE and rubber sheeting services.

The company’s products aren’t just “close,” they are precise in manufacturing. In a world where one thousandth of an inch is important, Cannon Gasket thrives, and its customers profit. Quality control is paramount, and inspection standards, processes, and procedures are the highest possible. The Cannon Gasket quality system adheres strictly to the ISO 9001 requirements.

Stocking programs go beyond the ordinary to include the expert handling of blanket orders, just in time, vendor managed inventory, and Kan-Ban options. Cannon Gasket’s 100% on-time delivery makes every one of these programs possible.

Personnel make the difference, whether it’s the highly professional and expert sales team which can talk intelligently about each product, or the staff handling the planning and implementation of precision manufacturing. Every employee is selected for their expertise, knowledge and skills; all meet rigid standards to be part of the Cannon Gasket roster.

Being a financially sound company, Cannon Gasket can commit to and deliver any size order, from small quantities or millions of pieces. This type of flexibility allows a wide variety of customers to enjoy the utility and usefulness of the wide range of Cannon Gasket products all over the world. Cannon Gasket, Inc. can be reached on the Internet at, by telephone at 888-982- 1547 or through their Southern California facility in Upland.