Every machine and instrument, whether large or small, is made of compact and precise materials. This is where precision die-cutting comes into the picture! As the name suggests, precision die-cutting is the intricate process of cutting and forming material into various shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose it intends to serve. 

What is precision die-cutting?

Precision die-cutting, also known as industrial die-cutting, is a commercial manufacturing and production process that stamps/cuts out rolls of thin, flexible materials to mass produce large quantities of identically shaped parts. It employs a fabrication process that converts raw materials into finished custom shapes and designs by utilizing advanced specialized machines and techniques. 

Die-cutting services allow manufacturers to virtually create any shape, design, or pattern out of any material, whether metallic or non-metallic, providing great adaptability and functionality across a wide range of applications. We at Cannon Gasket are a custom-made, precision die-cutting manufacturer and service provider. We manufacture products based on diverse industrial applications across industries like aerospace, military, and IT Hardware, without compromising quality or precision! 

Types of die-cutting manufacturing processes include:

  • Flat bed die-cutting process: Also known as steel rule die-cutting, this fabrication uses a flatbed die-cutting press and steel die to cut raw materials into custom shapes and designs. This die-cutting process best suits custom cutting projects involving thicker materials, as it can exert high pressures.
  • Rotary die-cutting manufacturing process: This process allows an entire sheet or web of raw materials to be fed into the press simultaneously. This manufacturing process allows for rapid material cutting. 
  • Semi-automatic die-cutting: This process offers additional flexibility and increased assembly efficiency for kitting and other applications.
  • Full beam die-cutting: Full beam presses have reduced cycle times and utilize extensive cutting dies that are often as large as the cutting surface. Full beam presses enable higher levels of production and efficiency due to faster cutting cycles.
  • Platen die-cutting: Die-cutting platen presses have large cutting heads and material feeding capabilities, allowing the cutting of comprehensive parts and making them an excellent choice for large part applications.

Advantages and uses of precision die-cutting:

  • Precision die-cutting is quick, consistent, and economical for parts ranging from small washers to large gaskets.
  • Die-cut parts have a high degree of uniformity, even across higher volumes.
  • It allows businesses to custom-make parts with their preferred material.
  • With multiple cuts and layers, you can create complex shapes.
  • Only one machine is required, therefore the process is generally cost-effective and efficient in terms of time.
  • It can be used for various materials like ply, leather, foam, and Kevlar cutting, among many others.

Custom die-cutting services enable manufacturers and businesses to outsource technical and expensive precision cutting processes to custom cutting professionals, like the ones here at Cannon Gaskets, allowing them to focus on scaling their operations. Over the years, we have helped our customers achieve their product performance by leveraging our technologically advanced manufacturing processes to create a perfect blend of innovation and precision. To know more about our precision die-cutting services, give us a call at 1.888.982.1547.