Silicone rubber washers are incredibly popular and used across different industries due to their immense flexibility and usability benefits. Silicone rubber provides the perfect balance of mechanical and chemical properties, making it an ideal fit.

Silicone Rubber Washer Material Properties

The extraordinary properties of silicon make silicone rubber washers mighty effective. Silicone offers excellent resistance to ozone and the severe effects of weathering in all types of climates. Additionally, they operate with low compression sets and resist UV light and fungus. They possess an exceptional temperature range that can withstand scorching temperatures up to +400 F and icy cold temperatures as low as -40 F. Special grade Silicone offers an even greater range between -100 F to +500 F. They are also thermally stable. These are an ideal option in situations where washers must meet stringent FDA standards for food and beverage or medical processing specifications.

Cannon Gasket manufactures and supplies various types and makes of natural and synthetic rubber washers, including silicone. Whatever your specification or size requirements may be, we provide them.

Advantages of Using a Silicone Rubber Washer

Silicone rubber washers are the most versatile and sought-after type of washers. They offer a myriad range of customizations and are extremely sturdy and affordable.

  • Durable – They are highly water-resistant and are not prone to the condensation effects, making them a superior alternative to metal washers.
  • Shape Customizations- silicone rubber washers are highly malleable due to their inherent flexibility and can be easily molded into desired shapes and forms. Their flexibility makes them ideal for creating a consistently tight fit and seal between two other parts.
  • Weather and Ozone Resistant – Silicone rubber can endure extreme weather conditions and o-zone while maintaining its elasticity and compressibility.

Our Capabilities

Cannon Gasket provides a wide range of silicone rubber washers based on your needs, application scenario, and the targeted industry in which you want to use them. Our silicone washers are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge technologies that ensure optimal quality. From the plumbing to the automotive industry, our silicone washers offer optimal performance and durability every time. Apart from providing black, natural, clear rubber silicone washers, we provide options in various colors and sizes based on your specifications. With Cannon gasket’s range of silicone rubber washers, you are guaranteed an optimal and secure fit that is immensely durable.

Our Services

Clean Room: Using qualitative manufacturing protocols, Cannon Gasket offers clean environment stamping to service Medical, FDA, Electronic, and scientific applications where a controlled level of particulate is required. Cannon Gasket meets ISO 7, Class 10,000 Cleanroom Standards.

Pad Printing: Cannon gaskets allow individual parts to be labeled separately for identification purposes. Whether you want your part numbers, identification markings, or even company names pad printed on each gasket, we’ve got you covered. Markings can be customized based on your custom specifications or MIL-STD-130 standards.

Packaging: We offer diverse packaging options and allow for various customizations regarding labeling or custom packaging specifications. As instructed, Parts can be bagged and tagged into custom quantities and labeled with P/N or any required information as specified.

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